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Both Iris and Barry look like someone thought “we need to create the two cutest and most adorable human beings ever and have them stare at each other a lot” and then that’s how they were born.

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Anonymous asked: But I don't understand why you of all people would ship Barry and iris? They're basically the flash's version of laurel/Oliver... Not to mention that snowbarry is only a slightly different version of olicity...




First of all, in what universe Barry and Iris are anything like Laurel and Oliver? I’m deeply offended by that in behalf of Barry and Iris!

Oliver constantly lied to her,cheated on her, ran away with her sister. He may have called her one of his best friend, but no best friends keep betraying the other friend like Oliver did with Laurel. The foundation of their relationship was Oliver being a little shit liar all the time and Laurel let him getting away with that. Where the fuck Barry and Iris are like that?

They are genuine friends, childhood best friends who were raised together. You can see for their interaction how deep their connection run. They know each other, they’re good friends for each other. They support and they don’t lie for each other - Barry wanted to tell Iris, but his adoptive father figure stopped him.

There’s just two things Lauriver has in common with Westallen: they knew each other before the pilot aired and their comics counterpart are canon ships. That’s it. The end. They couldn’t be more different if you rule out these two things.

And Snowbarry is not Olicity 2.0. First, they didn’t have the same type of click Olicity had when they first interacted. I didn’t feel anything like when I watched Olicity first interact. There wasn’t any magic that made my heart flutter. That was all Barry and Iris. Second, just because Snow is supersmart woman who is part of Barry’s team doesn’t mean she’s supposed to be with Barry because that happened in Arrow. I ship Olicity because of the connection they have since the beginning of the show and not because Felicity is the brain of Team Arrow and that makes her good for Oliver. Third, there’s a long way to go before you can label Snowbarry anything like Olicity as we have only one episode out. Before point out and call Snowbarry Olicity 2.0, wait for the development and see if they’ll deliver the same type of relationship or something close - which I doubt.

And last, but not least, if you knew me so well like you act as you do, you wouldn’t be surprised at all I’m team Westallen. I’ve been saying since the beginning of time that my favorite tropes are best friends and kids that were raised together but end up falling love, which applies to Westallen. So like why the fuck were you surprised when I’m shipping them is beyond me. Westallen is like made for me to ship. They wrote that ship especially for me. Aside the fact Candice and Grant have a great chemistry, which makes everything better.

And no, I don’t give a fuck about comic canon, I’d be shipping them even if they weren’t comic canon ship. 



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I hate when people are like “Oh its your family, you have to love them!”

Um no, fuck you.

Sometimes your family members are bad people. Sometimes they do bad things to you. And there is no reason at all why you have to love them.

You are allowed to hate whoever you want if they treat you badly

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